Thomas Hilber

European Patent Attorney

Dipl.Ing. Dr. techn. Thomas Hilber

European Patent Attorney


Thomas Hilber studied process and environmental engineering at Graz University of Technology. As part of his diploma thesis, he successfully developed a continuous process for the production of biodiesel from waste fats on a pilot scale. After graduating with honours, Mr. Hilber subsequently worked as University Assistant at Graz University of Technology. In addition to his teaching and research activities, Mr. Hilber wrote a PhD thesis during this time on the development of a novel hydrometallurgical and electrochemical process for the extraction of zinc from filter dust produced during secondary metal extraction. The process was successful to selectively recover high-purity zinc from the steelworks dust by electrochemical means.

This was followed by many years of industrial activity in a listed plant engineering company with a focus on environmental technology in Graz, where Dr. Hilber headed the research and development division and was also responsible for the company’s IP management.

Dr. Hilber’s enthusiasm for the field of intellectual property, in particular patents, led him to move to Vienna to begin his training as patent attorney. Since 2014, Dr. Hilber has been admitted as European Patent Attorney and has represented our clients in all proceedings before the European Patent Office since joining our firm.

The focus of his previous activities in the field of patents and utility models is, among others, on environmental technologies, mechanical and chemical process engineering, industrial plant engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology, packaging technology, building technology, materials science, medical technology and printed circuit board technologies.