Robert Claudius Schardmüller

Patent Attorney

Mag. rer. nat. Robert Claudius Schardmüller

Robert Claudius Schardmüller studied theoretical physics at Graz University, where he also worked as a teacher and researcher. In his master’s thesis, which he wrote in the field of theoretical elementary particle physics, he dealt with the question of why the proton is so heavy, considering that its quarks are very light and the gluons that mediate the interaction between the quarks are completely without mass.

After graduating with honours, he went to a research centre for pharmaceutical process and product development, where the focus of his research was on fluidised bed granulation. As the head of two research projects in cooperation with renowned pharmaceutical companies, he was able to acquire both the relevant technical expertise and valuable soft skills. His experience with regard to the interdisciplinary collaboration of highly specialised experts make Robert Claudius Schardmüller a reliable partner for our clients when all the aspects significant for a patent or utility model application have to be taken into consideration.

In early 2015, Robert Claudius Schardmüller moved to Vienna to start his training as a patent attorney with our firm. He has been admitted as a European Patent Attorney since 2018 and represents our clients in all proceedings before the European Patent Office.